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To Be or Not to Be by Junior Win

    (It was the first time I found Ray Bradbury’s novel in our country.)   One day I was at the book shop. Nowadays some book shops opened at the Shopping Malls and Shopping Centre. So, while we went shopping,…

‘Photo Speaks…’ by Junior Win

    It was taken in front of the old house of number 31, ThanDaTar Road, with my grandparents and my parents. I saw the middle was an old woman; PhwarPhwarGyi(as similar means to great grandma) Daw Thay Thay. (P.S…

A Day at the Book Fair by Junior Win

    (Photo – I was unhappy for finding many interesting books at ‘Gift Counter’.)  Now in our country, four or five book shops were established. Although we could not find some rare books or some new novels at the…

Treasure Hunt by Junior Win

    I found this petit booklet whose size was A6 in the drawer.    I found this petit booklet whose size was A6 in the old drawer of my grandma. My mother said when in 1975, December 23rd, my grandmother…

A Letter to my Grandfather by JuniorWin

   (‘It’s about to change’ said Amon; Firebender, in his famous victory speech.‘Change’ is the word, the most affective speech which still popular among the audience. I wondered ‘Reform” might be another striking word which could hold the attention to the people.)   My…

First Days with Mobile by Junior Win

    (photo: I was at the restaurant. While waiting, I called home to say I was okay.) The mobiles phones became popular since 10 years ago. But at that time the cost was too expensive. Everybody could not afford…

Kaung Kin Pyar – The Latest Joke (oops) Prayer from Burma

The Latest Joke (oops) Prayer from Burma
Kaung Kin Pyar

October 17, 2007

 In Burma, among Burmese people, we have variety of prayers for our Buddhist religion. But in those tiring days, came a new kind of prayer for our true believers.

 The story goes like this; while one of the renowned comedian (you know who …) was arrested for his participation in recent monks’ boycott to the Burmese junta, he was continuously harassed and interrogated by the army officers at the unknown location (you know where …).