A Day at the Book Fair by Junior Win



(Photo – I was unhappy for finding many interesting books at ‘Gift Counter’.)

 Now in our country, four or five book shops were established. Although we could not find some rare books or some new novels at the book shops here, I was satisfied that I could have a chance by browsing books in my country. I can spare my friends who lived in foreign country, always willing to send me the books whenever I asked. That’s sound great! But the more I went and bought books at the book shop, the less I found interesting books there. It might be another problem for me? But the more serious problem was before me. Here my story began…
A Day At The Book Fair
Now, I was at the ‘Myanmar Book Centre’ book fair. I was there the early morning of the first day of the book fair. It was announced a month ago. I had planned to go there and bought some books. Another interesting issue was …There was a program of ‘Gift Books’ counter for book lovers to this book fair. I dreamt a lot for ‘Gift Book’ program. I knew that it was never failed program for book lovers. Sometimes it gave one free(gift) book if we spent 5000 kyat in buying books at their shop during book fair season. If we spent 10000 kyat in buying books at their shop, they let us choose 2 gift books from ‘Gift Centre’. After buying books from the shop, according to the money we spent, we had a chance to choose gift books. So, the more we spent money for books at their shop, the more we got gift books.
This time, we were told that if we want one gift book, we had to spend 10000 kyats at the book fair. Oh! It was a very narrow chance. But, it’s ok, one is better than none. I browsed books from the shop. But unfortunately, there were novels which I had already read. But I did not see my favorite writers such as ‘Dumas’ or ‘Bradbury’, etc. I wanted to find some of their novels which I had not read yet. I browsed books which might be convenient for me. I found a book about journalism. Normally I never chose it. It costs 10000 kyat. But I decided to buy it this time. It meant I could have one gift book! 
Later I went to the corner of the ‘Gift Books’. Oh! My Goodness! I found many books that I loved to read! An illustration of ‘A Little Princess’, A complete illustration of ‘Little Women’, a petit book of picture and Q&A of Encyclopedia, Children Art with Painting illustrations, Scholastic Literacy Place, Wonders of Our World, some cooking books, Some small Thesaurus or dictionary, some stories books, etc
I was unhappy for finding many interesting books at ‘Gift Counter’. I had no right to buy these books. They are just for gift. I thought if I could buy each one for 10000 kyat, …. I asked to the book seller, if it is possible? But it could not be. I went to my mother who was still searching books at the shop. ‘Why, mother?’ It was hopeless here. There were more interesting books at ‘Gift Counter’. I looked at my mother’s chosen books; all were retold such as ‘San Francisco’ (not interesting subject! Why!), Henry VIII and his Six Wives (Oh! I did not think it was a good one.), Troll and other stories (It sound interesting.), Little Lord Fauntleory (What it is! I have never heard of, by the way, OH! It costs 4500 kyats!), etc. All books she chose were retold. If I found the original, it might be different… I wondered.
I asked my mother why you chose those books. Some were not interesting. My mother said ‘Yes, but how many books you wanted to get from ‘Gift Counter’?’ I wondered what her idea might be. She continued, ‘So, now as if I spent three thousand kyat at the book fair, It meant that you can have 3 gift books. I know you are unhappy. Me, too. I found more interesting books at ‘Gift Counter’. That’s why I searched books here as much as I could. These books I chose were normally I never read. You don’t need to consider what books I bought here. I know these were less interest than of ‘Gift Counter’. But it can help you to get gift books that you loved! I So, let’s go to the ‘Gift Counter’” 
Wow! How genius my mother is!
Book fair held three or four days. But I decided not to go there once more, because if I met such situation again, I would be unhappy and felt inconvenient for it.