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Burmese Novel before “the First Novel of the Modern Burmese Literature” By Khin Maung Saw

Burmese Novel before “the First Novel of the Modern Burmese Literature” By Khin Maung Saw (Download File included) In “The History of Burmese Literature”, the novel “Maung Yin Maung and Ma Mai Ma” written by by (U) James Hla Kyaw…

Khin Maung Saw – The Panlong Agreement and the Birth of the Union States

Khin Maung Saw – The Panlong Agreement and the Birth of the Union States (MoeMaKa English)   Introduction   The agreement between Gen. Aung San, the leader of “Burma Proper”, and his counterparts of “the Frontier Hill Regions of Burma”…

The World’s Unknown Fact Behind the Scene by Ashin Dhammapiya

The World’s Unknown Fact Behind the Scene (Paper presented at International Academic Conference,  Security, Peace and Co-existence) Presented By Dr Dhammapiya The world today is facing with conflicts, tragedies, worries and anxieties everywhere, same as to Myanmar. What is the…

The Death of a student – Ko Phone Maw – March 13th 1988 in Rangoon, Burma

Interview with the family members of dead student by fellow students for their student union newsletter –  (from “Sethmu Ahman” newsletters, issue (4), 17.9.1988)

A Secret Early Morning Funeral Without Ceremonies but Full of Grief and Grievances

March 14, 2011

We, the editor team of ‘Sethmu Ahman’ newsletter, were able  to have an exclusive interview with  a family member and close friends of Ko Phone Maw, a fifth year chemical engineering student. His life was takne in March students’ demonstration, which occurred in the compound of Rangoon Institute of Technology (RIT). The interviewees include Mar Mar Win, elder sister of Phone Maw, and Khin Maung Htun (BSc.History), Win Win Myint (BSc.Physics), and Min Htut, a third year zoology student, who all are  friends of Phone Maw. The following are their original words and feelings.

Firstly, we inquired about his family’s private affairs. Mar Mar Win answered that his parents are U Aubar and Daw Amar (both deceased), and Phone Maw is the fourth son among the five of his siblings. She added that the eldest brother Kyaw Win, the other elder sister Mar Mar Ei, and herself opened a sale shop in Mingalar market to make a living for their family. The parents took care of Phone Maw and the youngest sister Ni Ni Aung, a 2nd year chemistry student in the then Rangoon University( Hlaing Campus).

About Phone Maw’s death, Mar Mar Win explained that her family did not learn of his death immediately on 13.3.88, the very day that tragedy happened. They only heard the news over the radio at 1:00 in the afternoon of 14.3.88, while they were in the market. His younger sister got the news from the university where she was studying.

Shwechinthae Social Service Group (Shwe Bo, Sagaing)

Contributed by A Reader from Rangoon

March 1, 2011

The following information is about Shwechinthae Social Service Group, a charity organization opened at Shwechinthae monastery in Shwe Bo city in Sagaing division. After thoroughly reading the organization’s papers and records, asking patients and volunteers, I wrote this article mainly focusing on itself and its activities without mentioning the names of present activists of its.

The Beginning of the Beginning

Shwechinthae library was opened on 18.12.2000. Members of library who were graduates, but had no occupation, launched a free teaching program for 10th standard students who cannot afford schooling.

4 Main Religions in Burma with Numbers

4 Main Religions in Burma with Numbers July 26th, 2009 According to Burmese local journal called “Open” from Rangoon, one article mentioned of numbers of worshipers of each religion and their numbers of temples and churches in 2007. (It did…