Month: November 2007

Maung Swan Yi – The 3 Sons of Burma

The Three Sons of BurmaMaung Swan YiNov 21, 2007  When …..The soldiersGo backTo the barracks, The monksWill go backTo the monasteries, The studentsWill go backTo their studies, Then …. The white dovesAbove in the blue skyThey will sing and fly.…

Nyane Thit – The Ghost

 The Ghost
Nyane Thit

August 30th, 2007

 – The night hit hard with dark storm

The dark soaked in every corner

There in the dark came

The misery in stealth

And you …

I have longed for your smile .

– Under the dazzling search light

With the mystical might

There at the roof edge

Dangled and gone

Then run the scared wardens

From the side of hangman ward

Stirred by sight of yours