Month: July 2008

Burmese Helping Burmese Fund, Statement 11/2008

 Date 10th July 2008

Subject – Burmese Helping Burmese Fund, Statement 11/2008

 Dear All Burmese Helping Burmese Donors & Volunteer Contributors

 Thanks for your continuous support on Burmese Helping Burmese fund to help and support the following Burmese people inside Burma

          Political prisoners & their families

          Burmese Democracy Activists and their communities

          Burmese Monks boycotting the alms from the Burmese regime

          Burmese Media Professionals standing out for freedom of press & expression

 This month, we are finally in the process of publishing a book dedicated to Kye Mon U Thaung who recently passed away in April 2008 at the age of 82. He was a renowned journalist in exile who continuously fight for freedom of expression and press in Burma for almost of his life time. We will be raising fund from the sale of this book to assist and support the Burmese media people inside Burma who still stand out and fight for the press freedom inside Burma.