Burmese Helping Burmese Fund, Statement 11/2008


 And still, we are helping with what we can to assist and support the Burmese people in Irrawaddy delta area hit hard by the Nargis cyclone back in May 3rd 2008. We are still helping and reaching out to the remote area and small villages where some of the help are hard to reach.

 For the month of June 2008, we managed to raised and received 4200.00 US$ from outside Burma to help Burmese people inside Burma.

 We know that the charity drive will be the long term and tiring process as long as our country is deeply pressed under the boots of military regime. But still, we will carry on as long as the receiving end inside Burma is the Burmese people who are still never giving up the hope, the courage and the struggle for freedom of Burma.

 Best regards,

Maung Yit
on behalf of MoeMaKa News & Media Group &
Burmese Helping Burmese Fund & Charity Drive for Democracy & Freedom in Burma
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