Month: October 2011

The History of the Burmses Kyat by Zaw Aung

US$, Sin$, and Burmese Kyat’s History by Zaw Aung, translated by Hla Oo

In 1990, one American Dollar was 30 kyats, one Singapore Dollar was 45 kyats, an average apartment was 300,000 kyats, a Toyota Hilux pickup truck was 300,000 kyats as well, the telephone connection with a handset was 300,000 kyats too, and a plate of Biriani (Dan-bouk) was just 5 kyats.

Samposonia Way Interviews Aw Pi Kyeh

Aw Pi Kyeh: “About 300 of my Cartoons were Censored in my Life.”


Aw Pi Kyeh (APK) chose this pen name because it means ‘loudspeaker’ in Burmese. His cartoons dare to shout out loud about the military junta that rules Burma. In 2007 he was banned from publishing inside Burma after he supported monks in their peaceful protests during the Saffron Revolution. Following that, colleagues who even mentioned his name in an article were suppressed.