Month: July 2011

“Is he out of touch from reality?”

Question for U Win Tin from MoeMaKa

July 25th, 2011


It has been a while we could not get interview with U Win Tin due to the poor phone line and also due to his health condition. As he was spending time in hospital, it was hard for us to get the phone connection with him too. Some has concerns for missing our weekly interview with U Win Tin but a few told us to give up doing interview pieces with U Win Tin because he became old, fragile and sick so that he had misses and out of touch with NLD and the current situation in Burma. However, we MoeMaKa as soon as we had chance to talk to him, we made interview with him again.

Moemaka Charity for July 2011 Reported

The Burmese people donated 580,000 kyat towards the benefit of 54 political prisoners, 4 of which are new beneficiaries that are female. These donations were collected through Moemaka and then handed over to the Political Prisoner Support network, a branch…