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Khahtaine Donation by Junior Win

Offering of special robes and other gifts made to the Order of monks during this season – November – Tahsaungmone – keeps alive the true spirit of offering, as taught of the Buddha. Members of the same profession or trade…

A Journey To Myingyan (Upper Burma) Part 4

    A pagoda called ‘Kivi Law Ka’ built on the ‘Sacred Earthen Cave.’ Three-wheel carrier was waiting outside. When we got on the carrier, we had 12 persons companied, and we introduced each other with nice and wonderful greeting. We did not…

Walking through the Wonderland by Junior Win



There was MoeKaung Pagoda Festival held from 9t December of 2011 to 17th December of 2011 in Rangoon. People became crowded after 6:00PM, so I chose early time to see the festival. It was held once per year, so it was impossible to miss it!