A Journey To Myingyan (Upper Burma) – Part 2 by Junior Win

Myingyan Monastery in the morning view.
It still heavily rained, and the winds strongly blew. I prayed at the household shrines, and paid respect my parents and received their blessings before I left to Myingyan, and wished my trip be safe and sound.
The taxi took 1 hour to reach the bus station because of traffic jam and heavy weather. My uncle welcomed me at the bus gate, my aunt and I joined him. The bus station attendants checked all the passengers’ names on their list, and now we were on the bus. The bus allowed 40 passengers. The head of our group reminded that we would have to recite some Buddha’s teachings when the bus began driving for our trip safe. At 6:00PM, when the bus drove, I closed my eyes, and recited some Buddha’s teachings.
I was ready to start the trip, the bus allowed about 40 passengers.
We would have 12 hours sat in the bus, and I felt very uncomfortable at the moment; my long legs tiring; hearing the movie aloud which came from the bus; and the air-corn too cold for me. But I felt happy for this trip. All the passengers around me were Sunlun yogis, and all I saw were praying and having reciting Buddha’s teaching. All were calm and peaceful. The bus stopped at two towns called Phuu, and Meikhteelar on the road to Myingyan. Wherever we stopped, we ate something at the shops and went toilet. I was pleased because the movie from the bus stopped after mid night.
When we arrived to Myingyan at 6:00 AM, I was excited to see the Myingyan Monastery which I dreamt a lot. The monastery was very large and calm. We brought our things from the bus, and we were asked to go upstairs where we would have to rest a little. The hall on the second floor was placeful for all of us. The weather here was very different from Rangoon; hot and dry. 30 minutes later, we were called to gather at the Sunlun Sayadaw’s place. I had not finished change my clothes yet. I wore very heavy clothes. But I had no time left. I quickly collected yellow robes and other articles that I planned to offer here all.
Inside the pagoda, there was a big circular hall we entered and paid respect.
I saw the pagoda, the place where Sunlun Sayadaw’ body lay that I perceived the photo of it that my uncle took. I was excited to go inside. It was a circular hall which was built under the pagoda that we saw outside. I also saw one or two stalls that sold many interesting things including their native foods and hand-made wares. But just now I had not time to window-shopping there. Our aim was to pay respect Sunlun Sayadaw. When we entered the circular hall, within the circle; I saw the place where Sunlun Sayadaw’ body lay.
Venerable Sayadaw U Wara sat at the front door, and gave a speech about our trip,
Venerable Sayadaw U Wara sat at the front door, and gave a speech about our trip, and guided us to pay respect and share our deed of merit to all the other who were around us or not. After that we all were asked to form a line for paying respect Sunlun Sayadaw. I was in the middle of the queue, and I thought I would have to wait another one hour to reach my turn. I watched people ahead of me, who paid respect Sunlun Sayadaw with obeisance with their hands clasped palm to palm. I felt excited with the thought of my turn when would reach soon…..
Inside the hall was hot. The people waited, and I felt uncomfortable again. My heavy clothes made me trouble. I wanted to go to the bathroom, and change my clothes. But my aunt did not allow me to go. She said that the time here was very precious. We waited and stood here until our turn came. I saw around me, all the yogis were calm and silent. I, alone was restless.



 I felt so hot inside and outside my body. My heavy clothes made me a lot of sweat. I considered I was here to pay respect Sunlun Sayadaw however the weather bad or I felt so tight. I should have to concentrate on my good deeds which would soon be performed. After thinking so many good reasons, my mind became cool and calm. I had no more feeling of hot and pain.
I watched all the sculptures and paintings which were drawn on the wall inside while I was waiting.
 I watched all the sculptures and paintings which were drawn on the circular wall inside while I was waiting my turn, told the story of Sunlun Sayadaw. Our meditation master; Sayadaw U Wara who gave speech about the Sunlun Sayadaw to all the yogis who were waiting their turn stood in line within the circular hall. I loved to listen it with my heart, and felt wonderful. When my turn reached, I paid respect Sunlun Sayadaw as all the yogis did, believed that what I performed the deed of merit here would reach to my grandparents from heaven, and all my relatives who could not come with me or not, would say ‘Well done’ with me.