Month: March 2011

Friends of MoeMaKa Raised 540,000 kyat toHonor 50 Burmese Political Prisoners from NLD Network


March 4, 2011

In February 2011, MoeMaKa media team was able to raise and make a contribution of 845,000 kyat as “Friends of MoeMaKa Award” towards 600 political prisoners, currently being supported by NLD. In order to show our support, we, MoeMaKa, earnestly keep implementing our plan to help 50 political prisoners, monthly, as people’s good deeds. We would like to inform our readers and benefactors that we have already received the donation of 540,000 kyat from individual and collective donors for March of this year.

Burmese in Milwaukee Welcome 21st Century Pin Lon of Burma

MoeMaKa Reporter (Milwaukee)

March 3, 2011


 On February 27, as an activity to welcome 21st Pin Lon conference, Karen, Myanmar, Mon, Chin, Rakhine, and other Burmese nationals gathered and held together the second ceremony of ‘Htamane’, the Burmese traditional food, at Pyinnyar Yama monastery in Milwaukee in Wisconsin State. The arrangements of this successful fair include such as ‘lunch for the audience attended’ and ‘listening to the sermon’.

Price Hikes as Gas and Transport Charges Go Up in Burma

MoeMaKa Reporter (Yangon)

February 28, 2011

In Burma, merchants and travelers complainingly said that prices of goods and transport charges were rising up, as the domestic price of petrol and diesel went up by over 30%, because of the rise in the price of the fuel in the world. Commodity prices in Yangon and other towns are now shooting up for the high costs of transport, affected by the restriction called ‘ASEAN STANDARD’, which is not allowed trucks to exceed permitted payload and imposed recently by the authority concerned.

During this week, the price of diesel reached 4000 kyat (over US $4) from 3800 kyat, and then it rose up to 4200 kyat (over US $5), in next few days. The petrol price, similarly, went up more 500 kyat (around US $0.50) than its last week’s price and reached 3900 to 4000 kyat (around US $5) in black market.

Although gasoline is being sold at the price of 2500 kyat per gallon, a price fixed by the regime in private stations, the owners of automobiles and motorcycles have to wait for several hours to get a permit to buy it with that price. Thus the work queuing up for petrol and reselling it in black market becomes business in Burma. In the illegal trade, the price of petrol went up to 3900 kyat (over US $4).

View form Rangoon – by MoeMaKa Street Reporter

Last Week of February, 2011


Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) Plans to Seize the Low Level Administrative Power

After attempting forcibly to win over 80 percent in last year’s election, occupying 25% of parliamentary seats by the military officers and forming a Cabinet overwhelmed by their own members, USDP is planning to replace the positions of the quarter level administration with its members.

News, during these days, has spread that USDP started replacing its members in the ranks of quarter peace and development council, in some Rangoon’s townships.

Thee Brothers Teaching Burmese Dance to Displaced Children

MoeMaKa Ywar Saw Gyi

February 24, 2011

Kyal Thee, a comedian of Thee brothers, stated that they started teaching Burmese traditional dancing to displaced Burmese children for free at their home in Chiang Mai. According to their announcement posted on their blog, the dancing class would start at 11:00 am on Saturday and it is free of charge. He also added that the course will only last for 2-3 months.

“We believe that Burmese traditional arts, music, and dance will greatly help them to feel happy, and soothe their tired minds and bodies while these stateless Burmese children, who had to cross from their homeland to another country, are both physically and mentally suffering from harshness of life, poverty and pressures of different surroundings. It is also our wish to do so,” said Ko Kyal Thee.

Friends of MoeMaKa will Pledge to Continue the Support of NLD Works Towards Political Prisoners



February 25, 2011

At the beginning of year 2011, MoeMaKa media team announced that 600 political prisoners being currently helped by NLD’s social assistance body would be honored with ‘Friends of MoeMaKa Award.’ We would like to present to our world-wide readers that, according to our commitment, we were able to make the donations of over US $1000 to those political prisoners after raising an initial aid of over US $6 from our reserve funds, courtesy of donations of MoeMaKa team members and added collected public contributions.

Petrol Price Hikes in Burma as Middle East Crisis Arises


February 25, 2011

It is seen, during these days, that world-wide price of oil went up because of political instability in Middle East countries and Burmese domestic fuel prices followed it.

Price in Yangon (US $4)

According to the automobile owners from Yangon and the countryside, it is learnt that prices for a gallon of diesel suddenly rose up to 3800 kyat from 3000 kyat, and high octane petrol suddenly rose up to and to 3500 from 3300 kyat (around US $4 of black market rate).