Friends of MoeMaKa will Pledge to Continue the Support of NLD Works Towards Political Prisoners

Moreover, MoeMaKa team and its friends will be allowed to select 50 imprisoned activists, by drawing lots out of those being listed, and support by NLD so as to make friends and to aid them from abroad or far regions. MoeMaKa and its friends will, as an honourable task, keep trying to support those 50 chosen friends monthly along with other political prisoners compiled and helped by NLD.

After drawing lots via MoeMaKa, people who want to make friends will be able to know the name of their hero activists they want to help. The contributors, as friends from abroad, can start helping [these activists] with at least 5000 kyats monthly donations. MoeMaKha team has already prepared to provide information for the donors.

Currently, 20 benefactors, as friends from abroad or far regions, have already proposed to help 27 political prisoners, while MoeMaKha and its friends and readers have started contributions towards NLD’s scheme to care for prisoners of conscience, ran by NLD’s social assistance body. Some well-wishers, as good deeds of people, donate to NLD’s assistance works for political prisoners as well.

We, MoeMaKha team, will go on informing our readers and all donors about forthcoming support, cooperation and contributions of Burmese community throughout the USA towards the activities initiated and being carried out by NLD to help political prisoners and their families. We would like to request all of you to forward this news to as many people as you can reach.