CoBA SF Chapter Announces Net Donation Amount Raised- US $9000.00

MoeMaKa Reporter

March 5, 2011

On January 23, friends of Citizen of Burma Association (CoBA) from the San Fransisco bay area held a fund raising for 2011 CoBA’s award and ceremony. They were able to raise a net donation of US $9000 from the event after deducting all expenses of the fair US $4000 from total sales of US$13,000 on that day.

It is said that the organizers of the fund raiser are planning to hand the donations over to CoBA so as to be managed by the majority decision of CoBA. The balance sheet of the event and acknowledgement letters have been carefully compiled and already sent to respective donors.

Maung Yit, the person responsible for information body of CoBA, said that reserve funds of other areas and collected contribution will be totaled up and managed in accordance with the opinion and decision of leaders of CoBA and County representatives, after presenting the facts to the public.