USDP holding Road Work Project While forcing local to join their party

“Some of the roads were paved partially and stopped because he was not getting enough party membership from us” explained the witness.

“USDP (party founded by the Burmese Regime) ordered municipal officers to stop our street project. When we protested, he responded that if he had enough party members, there would be enough building materials on its way to finish the project.” he continued.

It was learnt that Tarmwe township was not the only one with partial road works, there were more unfinished road works in Kyaut Tadar and Pazun Daung townships.

U Aung Thein Lin, Mayor of Rangoon, is a member of USDP and also, a candidate of South Okkalapa Township. He is doing election campaign for his USDP abusing his municipal authorities. Junta’s election commission has no words on it although the commission knows about Mayor’s election abused activities well.