Government Service Staffs must vote – no excuse

“Actually, they (the government staffs) were just forced to appease their immediate bosses and so forth. Some of their big bosses like with director position threatened their subordinates that one who not vote were free-riders to the society and should not be tolerated, meaning they might lose their jobs if found out”

one staff person from ministry of transportation told MoeMaKa.

While in Burma, the NLD (Opposition Party led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi) was organizing “No Vote” campaign explaining the public that everyone has right not to cast the vote if they don’t want to. The Senior General Than Shwe had ordered his armed forces and also to his government service employees to participate in this 2010 Election and forcing all the votes to go to his political party, USDP.

“We know from our experience and from our heart that this coming election won’t change our life and our country to be better. But it will force our country into more misery, make it official and constitutional to legalize the dictatorship to rule our country forever.”

One of the technical staffs, aged (42 yrs) share his opinion.

Currently, the USDP members were seen handing out campaign posters and leaflets all over Rangoon of 3 million population. However, for other minor political parties were not seen yet to carry out many campaigns due to various limited rules set by the regime, and also due to their insufficient funds.