A Trip to Myauk-Oo (Sit-Tway, Western Burma) part (Six) by Junior Win

(The inside images of Mingalarmanaung Pagoda.)

(Goodbye dear little sheep! Sweet dream!)

After an hour of wandering around the Mingalarmanaung Pagoda, we decided to return. The return-walking never tired us. I could not help looking back the road I trod upon. It looked like a painting that I would like to draw when I be at home. 

(“When will I see all of You again,”)

(Country roads are all the same. They give us the smell of sand.)

The next visit was to the Shaittaung Pagoda. It is a famous pagoda in Myauk Oo. The name also attracted to the visitor! ‘Shaittaung’ means ‘80,000’ (eighty thousand). It represented ‘Temple of 80,000 Buddha Images.’ It was built in 1535-1536 by King Min Bin, for his victory of Bengal.

(The gate of Shaittaung Pagoda.)

(What a beautiful scene!)

(Shaittaung Buddha Image.)

(Narrow but we could walk through without worries.)

(The passages we never missed to tread.)

(Never ending!)

(“The big crack because of an earthquake of 3-8-94.“)

(The King with the full noble dress of Rakhine.)

I was told that the pagoda was located on the western part of Pokhaung Hill. I was glad to see the ground where people seemed small as thumbs! I seemed was as tall as a tree and as big as a Captain Lemuel Gulliver in the fantastic novel ‘Gulliver’s Travel’ when meeting a race of tiny people called Lilliput of the country of Lilliput! How knows I met the King of Lilliput who would treat me a beautiful lunch that I would never forget!

(“Top of the world”, tired but feeling proud!)

After our long sight-seeing of the Shittaung Pagoda around at the top of the mountain, we went back to the gate where we ascended. There were shops selling beautiful Rakhine traditional wears and longyis. I rarely wore a longyi, but I liked to buy some pretty scarfs.

(A Rakhine woman showed her staffs very proudly.)

(Colourful and prettiful!)