A trip to Myauk Oo (Sit-Tway) Part (Seven) by Junior Win

The next visit for today was going to the Museum of Archaeology. But unluckily, it was closed in the evening. We are late.

(Museum of Archaeology)

But wandering around the museum, there were many interesting things awaited. The wall far from us was seen as exciting. These might be the remaining of old history.

(The great wall and her open gate!)

Myoma Market was also closed. We were late again!

(Myoma Market)

Here we met some girls sold their ‘glutinous rolls’ near the market. These things we had seen in Yangon were tall bamboo sticks. Inside them the hollow of the sticky glutinous rice which was in the cylindrical form baked on open fire in their containers. But we had never seen such thin black dark bamboo sticks before. The seller peeled off the bamboo strips carefully and drew the lovely cylinder of delicious glutinous rice from it. The taste was different! Lovely!

(A lady peeled off the cover. )

Back to the hotel ‘Shwe Thazin’ where we rested. I would have to show you (that I promised my reader before) the ladies with their old-fashioned hairstyles. They were scriptures of stone.

(The old-time ladies with their old-fashioned hairstyle.)

(Country road, take me home.)

We continued our journey to the ‘Great Vesali Buddha Image’ pagoda. It was built in AD 327 by the King MahaToe Sandre and the Queen Thupabar Daiwi.

(The great Vesali Buddha Image Pagoda.)

(Vesali Buddha Image.)

Then we continued to the Great Kyauksi Taw Pagoda Image. There we met monkeys everywhere. They came near us and begged for foods. We fed them by buying foods from the shop nearby.

(Never-ending stairs we mounted.)

(I saw some pilgrims having their lunch on the pagoda platform.)

(Kyauksi Taw pagoda)

(Hey! ‘We are descended from you!)

We went to the airport to return Rangoon after we had enough visited the pagodas we paid respect. We all missed that wonderful and beautiful country.
Be peace forever!