The Adventure of my Practising Sunlun WAy of Vipapssana Meditation Part (4) by Junior Win

Meditation is Meditation!

We tried to go to the Sunlun monastery and practising Sunlun way of Vipassana meditation in the morning session. Apart from some busy days, we do not miss to go. Sit in the place and shut tight our mouth and eyes, and breathing in and breathing out for fifty minutes, and another fifty minutes we stopped with inhaling breathe and kept mindful on the sensation on the whole body. For all total 100 minutes we have to sit still!

In the month of July 2019, I fell ill. I was told that I was affected by the flu virus from the mosquitos. The fever arose in the night and it was gone in the morning. But I was still feeling weak. I could not go to the monastery and do meditation on that day. Because of that illness, the flu-pain remained in my body and my bones for 3 weeks. That flu-pain added to the pain I was doing meditation. I suffered pain doubly and triply during the time of meditation. I wanted to run away from the monastery and I wanted to avoid the pain. I thought if I avoided one day, I wanted to avoid another day. So I decided to face it. 

(I asked my brother to buy me fitbit and pro watches. I wanted to use silent alarm while meditating! Superb!!!)

(Drawn by Maung Yit)

The pain was too hard for me to think or to wander around during the time of meditation. The pain increased and increased until the time’s up. When I was a little girl, I changed position many times, opened my eyes several times, used many methods to pass the time quickly. Now I used those old methods again and moreover I asked my brother to buy me fitbit watches. Their silent alarms would be useful. It worked for several days! 

(Sunlun Sayadaw U Wara encouraged us to sit still for the time set as requested.)

I remembered Sunlun Sayadaw U Wara’ speeches. He said that we have to sit still until the pain disappeared completely from our body. If we stopped or changed position in the middle of the sitting, the pain would come again from the beginning in the next sitting. But Sayadaw encouraged that if we could not do such hard sitting for extra hours or minutes, we would have to sit still for 100 minutes (just 100 minutes!) as Sayadaw requested.

(I promised I would never change or move my position or never open my eyes during the time of meditation. Several mats, a small flat pillow or fitbit watches or my long scarf might be helpful to hold my sitting still.)

(Drawing by Maung Yit)