Trip to Sit-Tway (Western Burma) (Myauk Oo) Part (Five) by Junior Win

(“The Sakyamanaung Pagoda was built by the King Thiridhammayarzar and his Queen NatShinMay in AD 1629.”)

We headed next to the Sakyamanaung Pagoda. There were many scriptures represented strangest figures like ogres. They stood big! They guarded the pagoda with much care that was written in their old history.

(Where are you looking at, sir?)

(Sakyamanaung Buddha Image.)

(A landscape! It reminds me of the old painting of Leonardo Da Vinci.)

(A poster with chalk, ‘Don’t pick flowers, please.’)

Mingalarmanaung Pagoda we went to visit next was not very far from the Sakyamanaung Pagoda. But the bridge to the pagoda we had to pass was still in built. So we had to stop there and had to walk. It might be half a mile away.

Whatever it was exciting!

(The bridge started to build since 25.9.2016.)

(Workers were occupied.)

(Their families were waiting and serving for their meals.)

( πŸ’“ ……β€˜I look and there my sweet Mary, Hair of gold and lips like cherriesβ€¦πŸ’˜β€™)

(The bridge they were building (left) and the old bridge still useful. (right))

(It looked like a never-ending country road! πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…)

(A lady and her brave walk!)

(” ΒΆ I am so young and you’re so old…. ΒΆ”)

(Ah! At last! We have the Pagoda!)

(Mingalarmanaung Pagoda was built by the King Oukarbala Razar and the Queen Tuwannkalyar Daiwi in AD 1685.)

( πŸ’˜’When I first saw in her eyes, what she tried so not to hide, ..’)

(Mingalarmanaung Buddha Image.)

 (It might be the well that might be the imagination of Lewis Carroll!)

(Inside the Pagoda, walking through the wonderland!)

(Can’t wait to see next?)