A Trip to Myauk Oo (Sit Tway- Western Burma) Part (4) by Junior Win

(A museum we left behind at the place of Sandamuni Buddha Image.)

(On the passing by, we saw an old wall that we missed from the ancient time. )

Zina-Man-Aung Buddha Image was our next drop. It was donated by King Sanda Thuddhamma during A.D.1652.

(The flowers vases are always at the front to offer at the foot of the pagoda.)

(‘Though the paint is cracked and dry’, still stayed in the old memories to be remembered of all time.)

(Zina-Man-Aung Buddha Image)

(Trees and green mountains were seen from the outside of the pagoda.)

Our next pagoda to pay respect was Koe Thaung Pagoda. Koe Thaung means ‘90,000’ (ninety thousand). ‘Temple of 90,000 Buddha Images.’ It was built between 1554 and 1556 and by the King Dikkha. All the histories were printed and reminded to all the visitors.

(The old board still standing, ‘Koe-Thoung-Pagoda’.)

(A splendour that was!)

(Going through the cave,)

(Looked like we were in the movie ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’.)

(The open channels were seemed used to play on.)

(The details of the images.)

After we spent for an hour at the Koe-Thoung Pagoda, we were now hungry, and thinking of having lunch for our next step. Then driving for a few minutes and, stopped at the town market.

(The spark of the sun was beautifully shining into the market place. I loved to walk and browse for an hour there. But we should have to have a good lunch there first.)

(A salad!)

(Immmm! It seemed to me not quite good-looking. But I was hungry enough to taste them all!)

(Don’t be afraid to eat! It was village-bananas! Tasty, friends!)