Alice in Wonderland in Burmese for Third Edition with Burmese Illustrations by Junior Win

(Illustrated by Maung Yit, Translated by Junior Win.)

Here my translation in Burmese of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland for the third edition now appeared. Thanks to my brother, Maung Yit – my twin brother for his illustrations of Alice and, it’s fantastic things in the wonderland.

(Cute rabbit!)

(Illustrated by Maung Yit.)

I got the idea to publish ‘Alice’ with Burmese illustrations from a Japanese Professor Mr. Kazumi Goto – a member of Lewis Carroll Society of Japan – who introduced me with his support of ‘ Alice in Wonderland’ (videos and essays) from around the world including Japan. His videos inspired me so much. It enlightened me to produce ‘Alice in Wonderland’ with Burmese illustrations! I discussed with my father and, my brother to publish ‘Alice’ with my brother’s drawings for the third edition. We began to prepare together since last year, and now it paid off.

(Back cover of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ in Burmese, 2019 May)

If I said ‘paid off’, it means that it gives the author pleasure to see her works in print, that’s all. A writer just see her book appeared before her eyes with her brother’s drawings, is that what I meant that my dream comes true.

(The author and her twin big brother – Maung Yit)