A Trip to Sit-Tway (Western Burma) Part (3)by Junior Win

(A breakfast the hotel served us was great!)

After having breakfast at the hotel, we were walking nearby and had a very nice view around. Then we returned to the place we rest and prepared for seeing the town. Paying respect the famous pagodas was our purpose of the journey. The car was ready outside to take us for a ride. 

(I looked back to the road we left behind, “country road, take me home“.)

(The chart tells you which pagodas we must start to pay respect.)

A native said that there the most sacred pagodas (including Mahamyatmuni Buddha Image) at Rakhine State which represented the Buddha’s Sacred Images, most of them were at Myauk-Oo, we should not miss paying respect. One can not say one has been Rakhine State if one misses paying respect all that Pagodas on the chart.

(Arriving Lawkamanaung Pagoda.)

Firstly we went to the Lawkamanaung Pagoda. It was donated by King Sandrasudamaraza in 1652 AD, Myauk Oo Period, Kingdom of Araka. The Lawkamanaung, the king and his queen named the Pagoda as to the Buddha who conquered all the enemies of the world.

(The vases of flowers and seven-day-born flags were about to offer at the foot of the pagoda.)

(Lawkamanaung Buddha Image.)

(The map of Myauk Oo.)

Next, we arrived at Sandamuni Monastery, it looked like a mountain-monastery that we had ever seen. The wooden old building told us the history of its past time. The monastery was called a Bandoola Monastery.

(Sandamuni Buddha Image Monastery)

Sandamuni Buddha Image was build in the time of A.D 123 that was the time during Gautama Buddha came to Myauk Oo.

(Sandamuni Buddha Image)

(The vases with seven-day-born flowers.)

(The old Buddha-Images were restored in the museum of the pagoda.)

(The ancient building might be dated from very long ago.)