Friends of MoeMaKa Raised 540,000 kyat toHonor 50 Burmese Political Prisoners from NLD Network

Friends from abroad and far regions honored each of 48 political prisoners with 10,000 kyat; one separate donor contributed 20,000 kyat, and the others donated 40,000 kyat to two designated political activists in prison in order to show their respect.

The detailed information can be seen in MoeMaKa’s receipt, which has been already sent to each donor. We, MoeMaKa media, are pleased to inform all the friends of MoeMaKa, who are taking responsibility for their designate friends in prison, with this announcement.

Thank you.

Photo- A Burmese child in the NLD’s ceremony of the 64th birthday of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi on the 19th June, 2009.