The World’s Unknown Fact Behind the Scene by Ashin Dhammapiya


The World’s Unknown Fact Behind the Scene

(Paper presented at International Academic Conference,  Security, Peace and Co-existence)

Presented By Dr Dhammapiya

The world today is facing with conflicts, tragedies, worries and anxieties everywhere, same as to Myanmar. What is the cause of conflicts? Sitagu Saydaw states that “Poverty” is the root-cause of conflict.” I believe so, because of the wise saying, “A hungry man is an angry man.” In our surroundings, there are many angry men.

According to the Abhidhammā, whenever consequences are arisen is not because of a single cause, but many causes. Therefore, to understand this fact properly, the poverty can be classified into three: (1) Economic Poverty (2) Educational Poverty and (3) Spiritual poverty. These threes are probably fundamental causes for the problems and conflicts. However, I believe that there will be more than that, because some causes are seen to us, but some are not. Therefore, I will take the Buddha’s message as a fact. The Buddha said, “The cause of all problems and conflicts are lack of knowing the Truth (Saccā). The contrary of Saccā here means ignorance (Avijjā) in Pāli which has power to develop anger, hatred and revenge that can destroy peace and harmony as well.

Two weeks ago, I attended one International Buddhist Conference named “International Buddhist Confederation (IBC)” in India. The delegates from the (42) countries participated. In the conference, one of delegate stated that “I feel very sorry for unfairness, because the worlds condense those who attacked Buddha-Gayā in India; however, the worlds ignored those who killed over five hundred thousand Muslims in Burma. We are surprised.

Based on his statement, we can realize that misinformation through media or a wrong message form religious leaders misleads people to get misunderstanding. Because of such wrong information, some Burmese workers were killed in Malaysia and Indonesia day by day. We learn that even his holiness, Dalai Lama, misunderstands over the Burmese monks and Burmese Buddhists. He stated, “wherever Burmese Buddhist monks get angry with Muslim brothers, remember the practice of Mettā (loving kindness) and Karunā (compassion) in accordance with Brahamavihāra (Noble abode) and two weeks ago, again he stated that Burmese Buddhists should avoid killing Muslims who are in minority in Burma. Indeed, without knowing the true fact he made a pin-point only one side, it can be dangerous and can misunderstand the others as well. In reality, as we have told, “All consequences are arisen not because of a single cause”.

Within one year, over two hundred Buddhists and Muslims including Hindus were killed by attacking one another during the social conflicts. We are very sorry for our country because our country is a peaceful country indeed. Many people in the world think that the majority people attack the minority in Myanmar. Regarding this issue, it is to clarify that the majority of Burmese Buddhists live in the central Myanmar like Mitthilar township where the riot toke place so that the worlds think that the majority group of Burmese Buddhists oppressed the minority. Regarding this issue, who is the majority and who is the minority depending the location. It is wise to let the world misunderstand the fact by removing the initial conflicted location from Buutheetaung and Maungtaw townships, Arkan, to the central part of Myanmar, that is, Mitthilar town. In fact, the social conflict initially stated in the two townships:  Buutheetaung and Maungtaw in Arkan state where only 3% of Arkan Buddhists live while 96 % of Muslims and 1% of the other ethic people live there. According to Arkan History, there were over 50% of Arkan Buddhist people lived there in 1940s. But today only 3% of Arkan Buddhists remain there.

In the major riot of the two townships, people between Arkan Buddhists and Muslims were attacking one another so that nearly two hundred people including some Hindus were killed during the riot. Up to these days, the minority of Arkan Buddhists is still reluctant to go back to their home town and their villages due to anxiety and fear.  Understanding this situation, we are very sorry of all disasters.

We learn that religion itself has no problem. Every religion consists of golden rules which are based on peace, love and security of mind. However, we should understand that this is the real time to make spiritual practice rather than just doing recitation every now and then. Many people thank that the problems and conflicts of Myanmar between Buddhist and Muslim are unsolvable. I don’t think so. This is because we have discovered the remedy or the medicine which can heal the mental sickness due to ignorance.

However, many religious men ignore to apply them. In this regard, religious leaders are like physicians. I believe, however, they give wrong medicines to their followers, this means, they give their followers a wrong way of the advice. Or the followers are in taking wrong medicines, this means, they take wrong actions for their society. Therefore, in order to live peace and harmony, it is necessary for religious leaders as well as the government to take an important role to protect the citizens and to help them release from the poverty. Not only this, but also it is necessary to provide the proper education to them. And the religious leaders teach the followers how to live in mutual respect, peace and harmony for the grassroots levels. This is the time for religious leaders to work together and to apply the golden rules in accordance with one’ own religion to make this interfaith conference meaningful to carry on “Security, Peace and Co-existence”.  Thank you very much.