The writer and director Maung Wunna passed away

Maung Wunna, born in 1947, is the eldest son of the writer and director Thardu and Daw Khin Nyo. His siblings are Thu Maung, Min lu, Yupa, and Ayu, who all are prominent in the fields of art and literature. He is an alumnus of Yangon St. Paul School. It is learnt that his first printed manuscript was ‘Karlan Bay Ma Sign boat kalay’ (a roadside signboard), which appeared in the Idea magazine published by Philosophy department, in 1968 while he was in Rangoon University. Then, he contributed to several journals and magazines such as ‘Shu Htaunt’, ‘People Star’, ‘Moe Wai’, ‘and ‘Shu Ma Wa’. The first printed story by Maung Wunna (who wrote about 20 novels and was famous for ‘Maung Sein Thaung and Ma Hnin Yee’ magazine short stories), ‘Lay the Ka Ein Mat Kalay’ (a dream in the wind), was published in Shu Ma Wa magazine.

In his interview with Pay Phoo Hlwar magazine (Nov, 1982), Saya Maung Wunna said that he suddenly got the idea and wrote this short story as he was filming. He won the best director award two times from his first film ‘Katipar Phanat Si Shwe Htee Saung’ (wearing a velvet slipper and golden umbrella) and the movie ‘Khonnit Sin Alune’ based on the novel, by his younger brother Min Lu. In his interview with ‘Pay Phoo Hlwar’ magazine, Maung Wunna added that in order not to damage the original piece of work, the art of filming plays the important role in creating the novels into movies.

To know an author’s idea, a film director should read other 4 or 5 novels of that writer rather than reading only one book planned to shoot. After reading, the director will be able to speculate the writer’s idea. At that time, the director can create what the author really wants to describe by art of filming, said Saya Maung Wunna.

According to the book ‘20th Century Burmese Writers and the List of Their Writings’, it is learnt that Maung Wunna was married to Daw Cho Cho Yee and they have three children.