To Be or Not to Be by Junior Win

(It was the first time I found Ray Bradbury’s novel in our country.)
One day I was at the book shop. Nowadays some book shops opened at the Shopping Malls and Shopping Centre. So, while we went shopping, we could visit the book shops.
Surprisingly I saw the ‘Fahrenheit 451’ of Ray Bradbury. It was the first time I found Ray Bradbury’s novel in our country. I remembered I always asked my friends staying in foreign country to buy his novels for me. I received ‘Fahrenheit 451’, ‘Selected Short Stores’ and The Illustrated Man’ from my friend. Now, I found his novel here! I was happy at the moment. I hoped to find his other novels here.
(I hoped to find his other novels here.) 
But I did not find any other novel of him. I might be mistaken, so I asked the book seller. He said there was this book only at their book shop. I said to him there were more of his books and novels found in the internet, you should have to sell more of his books. You see, I had already had this book, so I did not need to buy it again, but I wanted to buy other books of him. I suggested him to sell other novels of Ray Bradbury. It could arouse our interest in his novels. He replied that their owner wanted to see how much readers would be interested in Ray Bradbury. If no one buys this book, he has no planned to buy other books of him. Oh! I was so surprised to hear their idea.

It meant that I had to buy this book although I had already had at my book shelf, for the hope of getting other novels of Ray Bradbury!