A Letter to my Grandfather by JuniorWin

 (‘It’s about to change’ said Amon; Firebender, in his famous victory speech.‘Change’ is the word, the most affective speech which still popular among the audience. I wondered ‘Reform” might be another striking word which could hold the attention to the people.)

My dear grandpa, today was the last episode of ‘The Legend of Korra’ of an American Animated Television Series showed on TV. It began since 12 days ago and today was the last episode ended. Yes, grandpa, there were only 12 episodes of the series. (Oh! Yes, I still love to watch cartoons!) After these 12 days, I have many things to tell you. That’s why I began to write a letter to you, my dear grandpa.
My mind went back to the time when you and grandma taught us the play of Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar’. The reader knows that the Ides of March was the doomed day of Julius Caesar. Yes, you know, Caesar’s assassination is one of the most famous scenes of the play. After the Caesar’s death, Brutus delivered an oration defending his actions and for the moment, the crowd is on his side. But Mark Antony’s oration with a subtle and eloquent speech over Caesar’s corpse moved to the people’s heart that Caesar became a hero. 
I remembered when this scene reached be taught, you let us be careful to study their speeches. I did not understand at that time why this scene important. But I came to know that however the conspirators committed this act for Rome, not for their own purposes, Antony’s eloquent speech roused the mob to drive the conspirators from Rome. 
Let us return to the series of ‘Legend of Korra’ that I recently watched. I would have to explain you the story first, grandpa. You will understand why I remembered you and your teaching after watching this movie.
The last airbinder, Korra believed that she was responsible for maintaining the balance in the world. But Amon, the cruel bloodbender rallied the sympathy of his followers with a false backstory. Amon gained the confidence and support of many people by his victory speech retelling his fabricated story and the city became under his control. Using convincing makeup to fool the audience, Amon made Korra out to be the liar in the eyes of the people. People of Republic City were moved by Amon’s speech and accepted him as their true leader until the time when the water had washed his fake scar away. 
When I watched the scene – the people drove Korra away from the Republic City, because Amon’s victory speech touched the audience’s heart – my memory went back to the Act 3 of ‘Julius Caesar’ – the most famous scenes of the play – Brutus and his faithful friends were driven by the hated mob from Rome, because Antony’s subtle and eloquent speech attracted the audience – . WOW! How the similar scene they were! But in the movie ‘Legend of korra’ has happy ending as Amon had lost all of his followers and made his escape. It was the way how the cartoons/animations present for children. (I preferred happy ending although whatsoever the reality be.)
I wondered is that so to gain the people’s support is important or the more important thing might be powerful oration?