Under the Moonlit NIght by JuniorWin

(Under the moon lit night, who love to light the world with me?) 


In this month, 28th of November is the full moon day of Tanhsaungmone in the Burmese calendar. It was also named festival of lights. Lighting candles or colored electric bulbs are in my garden to make more shine and brighten the light of the moon. Under the moon lit night, who love to light the world with me? I hummed the piece of tunes of the poem that I recently read. I remembered in my girlhood, no house was missed the nights of lights. All were brightened and lighted with candles or lanterns. But I thought some missed their duty to light. It meant our world was forgotten since then. But our moon fulfilled her brightness to the world with light. That’s why people forgot to light. Because our world was brighten with the moon lit light. However forgot to light the night, the moon’s glorious beams shine the world luminosity. Her radiance does not miss any shadows of the world as under the daylight. No one can hide in this full moon night. I am glad that I have seen the gentle pilgrim moon. I wish to the mother moon however we passed through busy towns and hearing mourning mountains cries, please be glad we are to behold the sun, fountain of light and to have witnessed the sowing and harvest of the days. That hatred, tyranny, and fear could no longer make nest in the human heart! Please our tears be dry soon and make our busy mind to remind to light the night under the moon lit night. Be my sweet note turns to the world with hope, unto the nightingale’s throat, here I wish shall all see no enemy; surely our moon can shine with eternity.