A Visit to Moegaung Pagoda Festival by Junior Win

(The festival was held at the busy road.)

(Shops were blocking the road!)

Visiting the Moegaung Pagoda Festival every December was not to be missed. There was 10 days fair with Burmese foods and snacks. It was located at busy road near Yankin township.

(Moegaung Pagoda.)

Several shops blocked one fourth of the main road from the early evening until midnight. I loved to walk around and smelled the aroma of frying whatever you have to difficult to breathe.

(People could taste before you decided to buy!)

(You don’t need to wait for their preparation, ready to serve.)

(Hmmm… seemed very cheap!)

(These are called ‘Burmese Kun Yar- the ingredients for making betel quid namely betel nuts, cloves, cutch, anise seeds, shredded wild liquorice ice or sweet creeper with green fresh betel leaves. The seller served you the mixing those things with a little amount of each kind! Actually I don’t like that stuff! It smells bad! I also don’t like who chewing those thing in front of me!)

(Here, Burmese Opera! It would start at midnight!)

(“Magic mirror in my hand, who is the fairest in the land?)

Give yourself some time here if you have a chance to meet this festival. It welcomes all to see those Burmese foods and stuffs altogether, you will wander around browsing for hours and I bet never notice your precious time!