The Festival of Nationalities by Junior Win

 The Festival of Nationalities

(They looked real! They wore their National dress, very colourful and good!)
The festival of (Burmese) Nationalities or Myanmar Ethnics Culture Festival was held at Kyaik-ka-san sports ground situated at Bahan township, Saya San (north-east) Road, Kyaik-ka-san sports grounds and stadium in Yangon. The entry was free. The festival was opening for a week, and I was there with my relatives. 

(She wore her National dress, ‘Pa-daung’)

(Burmese dress, bags and souvenirs.)

(Bags and clothes)
The grounds were placed in order by shops, and market stalls  or show rooms. Products from all over the country such as Kachin, Kayin, Kayar, Mon, Tanatharyin, Rakhine, Shan, Chinn and Myanmar – representing central, northern hill tracts, lowlands and delta areas of Burma. There were snacks, and foods that we could taste there or take them home. 

(Moe-Kauk favorite food.)

(Snacks and delicacies.)

 (Displayed traditional culture.) 

(Heroes of Old Burma! Looked alive!)
Believe it or not,I have never been there before! The ground was too large to reach all of the places. Some part of the festival grounds looked like never ending. I could not say it as ‘paradise’, or ‘wonderland’, it might, because I was too tired to walk through all the places under the hottest hour. We should try in the evening or at night, it would be more convenient and much better.

(I can’t swim to the other side! Its too hot!)
The highlight of the Cultural Festival might be, we could easily find all the Burmese National styles, and their foods and souvenirs in one place. We also see their National dresses. That’s why people were interested to visit there. Of course, it was worth seeing all kinds of Nationalities, and never mind the headache or the stomach upset. 

(The mirror attracts me! Tell me who is the prettiest in the land!)