Our True Burmese Singer – Khin Maung Toe (Junior Win)

(Photo – Khin Maung Toe – our true Burmese singer – His sunglasses and his hair style were his always fashion of singing on stage with his songs together.)

I was told, you were dead, my dear singer,
I heard this bitter news and so to say how sorry I am.
I remembered, how often I listened to your songs as the Burmese rhythms and beats,
Calm and gentle as a mountain, you speak.
Among the hiphop, rap and rock and roll,
Your songs were always best and wonderful.
‘MaharSuanThu’(To the Unsympathetic and Insensitive Lass) and ‘MyatThwe’(Pearls)
Were your famous lovely songs that I love still and listen in.
And now that thou art lying at rest,
But still thy pleasant voices alive to eternity,
Sad mortality cannot oversway your lovely songs away.