A Letter to my Grandfather by Junior Win


(This is the place, my grandmother used to sit and write.)

I created 2 fan pages. The first one I created a year ago. It was for my readers and my friends. My second fan page I created a week ago. It was for my family writers. I wanted to post about us and our books or our information there. I thought our readers could join me and would be happy to see our family photos. But my hope was not as smooth as I thought. 
I was criticized that I should have to create a web page for my grandmother (Khin Myo Chit – Writer, Burma) instead of mine. They did not know that that idea already had in my heart. They never thought my ambition for my grandmother was not less what they imagined. I always was thinking of my grandparents more than of myself. But I was not satisfied enough to show about my grandmother’s literary works on internet by many reasons. I myself was not confident to do it having as complete history as all my grandmother’s works. Another reason was I did not enough satisfy the e-readers than books readers as the idea of reading e-books and books. Whenever I considered create a web page for my grandmother, the type that the internet granted always disturbed my ambition. 
I took experiences thoroughly on my fan page for a year. I found that some e-readers could miss what I posted on page, some could not see my posts by many reasons, some could forget my page if I could not update regularly. I rarely see the users visited their ‘LIKEs Pages’ to see what they missed to read. Most of users only cared the updated posts. It was not their fault because it was the web’s style. 
I did not care how many followers gained for my page, but for my grandmother, I cared so much for her. So I cannot have my grandma’s page having a few dozen where others have thousands. It might be my foolish thought? my dear grandma.
But in this modern world and among the modern people, if they measured the value of their favorite writer with this modern tool, I would do some day create a beautiful and most attractive web page for you, my grandma. Please wait and see, I will do my best, I promise.