Adventure of Book Reading: “Hard Time” by Junior Win


Hard to Read ‘Hard Time’ 

 Having a solid binding of the book included introduction and notes. 
The book ‘Hard Times’ Charles Dicken was written was so long to read from my childhood, so long to have remembered how my grandfather enjoyed it passionately, so long to wait this book to get a hold in my hands. My friend who stayed in Austria asked me which book she would like to bring for me. I immediately gave my list and I was waiting for her visit to me. 
Yes, I had already said that I saw my grandfather, who was a father of my mother, reading ‘Hard Times’ so much in his spare time. Even the book he read was too old in his hand, he kept it very treasurely. When I was able to read novels, I remembered my grandfather’s favorite book. I tried to search from his old shelves as hard as possible, but could not find it there and hard to find it so also at the book shops in my country. 
I received ‘Hard Times’ from my friend K. I was so happy at the moment; it was so long I had been waiting for. After all I was going to read now. I know Charles Dickens from his many best seller books; ‘David Copperfield’, ‘ Barnarby Rutch’, etc. But I know that his English was too difficult. Without the help of my grandparents, I could not read it. I did not know a bit about the story of ‘Hard Times’ was. I felt exciting. I even did not know what kind of the story was. 

The Day of My Reading ‘Hard Times’ Came

 Having a solid binding of the book included introduction and notes. It was helpful for the readers. I believed these notes might represent as my grandparent’s guide. By this book of ‘Hard Times’, I noticed that his writing style was too classic and logistic, and also not plain and simple. As for the Charles Dickens’s English writing style, it was already complicated and confused. Now it was added with full of twists and turns. So I was sure that it was hard to finish in a week. I carefully read it with much excitement. I knew; I could not complete it in a week, not even in a month.
When I finished ‘Hard Times’, I realized that I spent almost 4 months to finish it. During those months, I postponed for a while in my shelf for a rest and I read another book to refresh my mind, then I returned the book ‘Hard Times’. I could not read it continuously as my grandfather’s reading. 


Whenever I remembered my grandparents, I recalled what books they loved or which stories I was told. I searched and read their favorite books to enrich my memories of them. I did not care it was hard to read. When I was reading their favorite books, I was happy at the moment. Every time I looked at my shelves and saw my grandparents’ favorite books, it reminded me our happy memories.