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MoeMaKa’s Activity with Burmese Community

MoeMaKa’s Activity with Burmese Community – Highlights

We have reached significant recognition among the Burmese media professionals, Burmese artists and audience and following is the list that we considered ourselves some milestones;

2007 January – Funeral Service of great Burmese poet in exile, U Tin Moe. As U Tin Moe was also serving as voluntary advisor and contributor to MoeMaKa news group, the team had put all its effort on working with the family members of U Tin Moe to help host the memorial service of U Tin Moe with the audio, video and articles collection, presentation and distribution to the attending guest, readers and audience through online and publication.

MoeMaKa in-house serials programs and articles by following Burmese artists in exile such as Tin Moe, Maung Swan Yi, Mar Mar Aye, Po Than (Ludu), Kye Mon U Thaung and Win Pe.

Achievements – The Workload

Achievements – The Workload

Departments supporting MoeMaKa’s main operation have done following tasks;

Online Catalog Ordering System – . Present and help distribute 300 over books, audio and video products (grown from 100 last year). Almost 50% of the catalogs offer free download or free distribution.

Online Library – / ) List and archive most of all the books, digital materials and references purchased with MoeMaKa’s fund and it is now reaching over 1000 records. You can download the PDF file from our website to look into the list of our books archive and also the books that are for sale too.

Public Support Welcome


Welcoming the Public Support & Charity

 The differences between the MoeMaKa and the for-profit radio stations and publishing companies are as follows

 1.                             MoeMaKa Multimedia is formed as volunteer news group to contribute towards community.

The Team of MoeMaKa

The MoeMaKa Team (Updated) by Maung YIT •  March 1, 2016 The Advisors –  Tin Moe (2003-2006), Kye Mon U Thaung (2007-2006) Maung Swan Yi (2003 – ), Mar Mar Aye (2006 – ), U Win Pe (2006 – ) U Win Tin…

How MoeMaKa run

How MoeMaKa run on Public & Volunteers’ charity

 Financial sources of support for the organization are mainly from public donation and contribution and from some grant from the organization. Right now currently according to 2007 year financial report, we have US$ 55,000.00 of public donation and US$ 20,000 from the grant money received from Open Society Institute – Burma Project Initiatives.

 The list of the amount in yearly breakdown is as follows;

The background story of Burma & MoeMaKa

The Background Story of Burma, Burmese People and MoeMaKa, the connection

Burma is the country where freedom of expression and freedom of will of the people are suppressed and the Burmese people are denied of basic human rights and oppressed by the Burmese military junta like in North Korea and Sudan.

Since 1988, the World has witnessed the great amount of exodus or forced migration of Burmese people leaving Burma due to political, economical and social crisis in Burma

The purpose of the organization

The Purpose of MoeMaKa

We established MoeMaKa – Burmese news & multimedia group with volunteer media artists and professionals in exile on 13th April 2003, the opening day of Burmese traditional water festival …

The purpose of the organization according to our articles of corporation is stated as follows;