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The Life and struggle of Burmese in overseas

SFBC Bookdrive at Burmese Community Thingyan

 The Thingyan Pwe, a Burmese water festival, was held on the 27th of May, by the Bay Area Burmese community.  At this event, the SFBC Bookdrive had a booth with various displays explaining what this bookdrive is about and detailing its importance in both the Burmese community here, in America, and in Burma. 

Thingyan Festival by Junior Win

Thingyan Festival

We have great fun during festivals. People go to the monasteries, pagodas and some interesting places during festivals. Many festivals are celebrated all over Burma.


(Picture Illustrated by Artist U Ba Kyi)

Tanhsungmone and the Medicine Night by Junior Win

Tanhsaungmone and The Medicine Night

Come Tanhsaungmone(Tahsaungtaing), the 8th month of the Burmese calendar, another lights festival even more elaborate with the usual trimming of music, dances, and shows. Tanhsaungmone festival is the lights festival in the month of tanhsaungmone(November). The month is the time for offering special robes and other gifts to the monks.

SF Burmese Community to Hold 88 23-years Commenmoration Event

 San Francisco Burmese Community, together with 10 sponsors invites you to the 8.8.88 23-year Commenmoration Event. 


Event Schedule of August 6, 2011 

[11:00a.m – 12:00p.m.] Alms to monks and Buddhist ceremony in memoriam of the fallen colleagues at and since 8.8.88 

[12:00p.m. – 1:00p.m.]  Refreshments will be served

[1:00p.m. – 4:30p.m.] Performance, Exhibitions, and Presentations

Burmese in Milwaukee Welcome 21st Century Pin Lon of Burma

MoeMaKa Reporter (Milwaukee)

March 3, 2011


 On February 27, as an activity to welcome 21st Pin Lon conference, Karen, Myanmar, Mon, Chin, Rakhine, and other Burmese nationals gathered and held together the second ceremony of ‘Htamane’, the Burmese traditional food, at Pyinnyar Yama monastery in Milwaukee in Wisconsin State. The arrangements of this successful fair include such as ‘lunch for the audience attended’ and ‘listening to the sermon’.

Burmese in Singapore Celebrate Burma Union Day and Birthday of Suu’s Father

MoeMaKa Reporter (Singapore)

February 14, 2011

Yesterday, the admirers and prople of Burma in Singapore gathered and were able to successfully commemorate the Union day of Burma and the 96th birthday of Bogyoke Aung San, the founding-father of Burma’s independence and the father of present NLD leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. It is reported that the organizers had to negotiate repeatedly and faced many obstacles to obtain the permission for the ceremony site in which, to hold the event, hence they could not make it widely known to Burmese in Singapore.

A friend of Moemaka told that this is the first ceremony ever organized in Singapore regarding Burma history. The desired banner for the event “Birthday of Bogyoke Aung San” was not allowed by Singapore authority. So, we had to use the co-banner read “The Union Day and Bogyoke’s Birthday.” The shows of national costumes and music concert of ethnic nationalities brought the celebration alive.

As far as Moemaka could inquire, Singapore government granted the permission for the celebration only at the last minute. “MoeMaKa world-wide readers did not, in advance, learn of the event as being Saturday in Singapore when the invitation was posted in Ywa-Saw-Gyi section of its blog”, said informants from Singapore. It is also seen that few people could manage to attend to the commemoration because the organizers had to urge and invite as much as they could reach in a very short time.

Burmese in NYC With 30 Food Vendors to Raise Fund to Help Burma

MoeMaKa Reporter (New York)

February 15, 2011

It is reported that over 30 food stalls will participate in the charity sale of the Burmese and Asia traditional food, planned to be held in Woodside compound of New York city coming February 23, Sunday. The residents of NYC are collectively hosting this fund-raising and members of Citizen of Burma (CoBA) New York chapter and World Arakanese Organization (WAO) formed by local well-wishers, will volunteer their services to do sundry tasks and chores.

“We will collect donations by selling foods and drinks. We are going to cook and serve favorite dishes of Burmese families such as Mohinga(rice noodles with gravy), Shan noodles, Wet-thar-dote-htoe(well-cooked, sliced meat and entrails of a pig, skewered and served with chilli or tomato sauce),Tofu salad, Phet-htout-gyaw(minced meat, wrapped in dough, fried), Samusa(fried-stuffed pastry) salad, as well as buttered rice with chicken curry, Kyet-thar-kala-thar-hin(rustled up chicken curry) and other varieties of Rakhine traditional food. We will donate what we have earned from this sale,” an organizer explained the arrangements of the fair to MoeMaKa.

CoBA SF chapter raised over US$ 10,000 for 2011 Award and Ceremony.


MoeMaKa reporter (002)

January 24, 2011

Yesterday afternoon, Burmese families from CoBA SF Bay chapter hosted a fundraising  event, selling various kinds of Burmese and Asian food at Newark pavilion in Bay area. The charity event was successfully held with warmly collective efforts, vigorous support, and generous contributions by Burmese residents of SF Bay area, organizations, individuals from religious associations, local community leaders, and students of all ages.

Mingalar Monthly launched for SF Bay Area Burmese community

MoeMaKa reporter (002)

January 17, 2011

 A news bulletin in Burmese based in Sanfrancisco Bay area was lunched yesterday. The bulletin states a monthly publication of Burmese American Heritage Foundation, called “Bay Area Burmese Bulletin” (in English) and “Mingalar Monthly”(in Burmese.) The fact that it is an independent periodical and not affiliated with any news agency, politics, or religion, is clearly described. It also states that this bulletin will provide news from inside Burma, reports of Bay area Burmese community, and information about Burmese culture and honorable activities of Burmese nationals.

CoBA SF chapter to host fund raising in coming January 23

MoeMaKa Ywarsaw Gyi,

January 8, 2011

 The second awarding ceremony of Citizen of Burma Association (CoBA) will be held on May of 2011. The first was convened in L.A. The association is planning to hold this 2nd event in the San Francisco Bay area. Thus, CoBA SF chapter will launch a fund raising in coming Jan 23, so that CoBA will be able to present its award by majority vote to non-profit social organizations and individuals from inside Burma.

NLD initiates support network for political prisoners


MoeMaKa reporter 005, Yangon

January 5, 2011

In order to support political prisoners and their families, the drawing lots event that chooses a volunteer for each of those activists was held in the Independence Day ceremony at the NLD’s headquarter today.

It is a programme that the badges, with inscribed names and addresses of prisoners and the name of prison where he or she is being held, were selected by drawing lots. The chosen prisoners and their families will be contacted and supported by NLD members and well-wishers who participated in the event.

Myanmar Child Aid will focus more on Orphanage School


MoeMaKa Reporter 002

17 December, 2010

It has been over 3 years since “Myanmar Child Aid Foundation” has provided educational support for 613 orphans from Thingunkone Township, Latputta, Irrawaddy division who lost both parents in Nargis Strom of May, 2008.

The leading Sayadaw (Abbot) U Dhamma Piya of Nyar Gyan Pyan (Rangoon) and Metta Nanda (Fremont, USA) monasteries, told Moemaka that the foundation, in coming of new year 2011, will focus more on its orphanage home and educational and social charity work, which based in Nwekhwe, Mingalardone, Yangon (Rangoon), than from the previous activity of delivering financial aid to the parent-less children residing at villages in Irrawaddy division.