Burmese in Singapore Celebrate Burma Union Day and Birthday of Suu’s Father

“The Burmese classic songs sung at the ceremony are ‘Thoun-Yaung-Che,’ ‘Pyi-Htaung-Su-Thar,’ ‘Bogyoke Aung San,’ ‘Myanmar-Thi-Chin-So-Ya-Aung,’ ‘Myanmar-Pyi-Thar,’ ‘Thwe Ka Saga Pyaw The,’ ‘Luchun Lukaung,’  ‘Zar-Ti-Man,’ ‘Myawaddy Myousar,’ ‘Nagani,’ ‘Koudu kou chun,’ and ‘Zwe’ as well as other Burmese songs,” said the Moemakha friend.

“We are Burmese. Now we become more aware of the importance of the Union day than before. We also understand better how we teach and tell our children about Bogyoke Aung San, the father of Union. It is our duty that we have to relay what we have learnt to our children in this important ceremony. Being able to organize the event through difficulties, we more realize how we should maintain and protect our spirits and Union, an inheritance from Bogyoke against possible dangers”, a mother attended to the event expressed her feelings.

There was a stage quiz show for children in the ceremony. Among the competitors, one child answered that it is for Union day and Children’s day while another said Children day, Union day and birthday of Bogyoke Aung San, when they were asked the question “For what reason was this ceremony held?” The second child, who is wearing the red Karen traditional costume in the photo, got full marks in the test and won the prize.