The Tabayin MP arrested by PaKaFa; Spring Development Bank will be introduced soon

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MoeMaKa, June 23, 2023

The Tabayin MP arrested by PaKaFa; Spring Development Bank will be introduced soon

Recently, it was reported in the news that U Win Myint Aung, a Hluttaw representative of Tabayin Township, Sagaing Region, had been arrested by PaKaFa. He was reportedly attested by PaKaFa on his way home after visiting his younger brother, who was imprisoned in Shwe Bo Prison.

This will be the first time that an armed force fighting against the military council has arrested a former NLD MP and the former chairman of the NLD in Tabayin Township. The PaKaFa, which arrested that former NLD MP, has yet to announce why they arrested him.

Some reports have stated that U Win Myint Aung is no longer a Member of Parliament and that the party has already expelled him. In the next news article, it stated that U Win Myint Aung was arrested because of his speech opposing the armed attacks.


In a news article, it stated that the reason for the arrest was due to collaboration with the military council. However, it was not stated that there was any evidence of how he collaborated. Just after the military coup, the military council raided the houses of U Win Myint Aung and other NLD representatives and seized party-related items. At that time, the MPs were fleeing from their homes, so they were not arrested, but the military council arrested his wife, son, and brother. Later, the news reported that U Win Myint Aung was also arrested and then released.

After that, in expelling NLD party members last year for cases such as those of Daw Sandar Min and U Toe Lwin, who tried to re-open the NLD party and re-register the party, and former Yangon Region Prime Minister U Phyo Min Thein, who testified in the corruption case against Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, U Win Myint Aung was also expelled from the party along with them.

Regarding this incident, the NLD told the news media that they no longer wanted to comment because he had already been expelled from the party.

As the group that arrested him, it is necessary to be accountable and publish information about why they arrested, how he was interrogated, and what actions will be taken in accordance with the law or regulations. Instead of making general accusations of collaboration with the military council, it will be necessary to speak with specific evidence.

The arrest of a former member of parliament who is also a former township party chairman may cause the military council to be in a position to spread the propaganda that the forces fighting against the military council are already divided among themselves and that they are arresting each other.

Another piece of news for today is that the National Unity Government has announced the establishment of the Spring Development Bank, and that it will be introduced to the public in the coming weeks. Initially, it was said that money transfers, deposits, and withdrawals would be possible in 4 currencies, including Myanmar Kyat, Thai Baht, US Dollar, and Singapore Dollar. It is understood that the banking system is only a digital one, and they will not open branches and bank offices outside. You will be able to make payments and money transfers online, but if you want to withdraw money, there will still be detailed questions about how to connect with other banking systems. Currently, there is no disclosure about these.

Before announcing the opening of the Spring Development Bank, NUG had announced that it would establish a central bank, and issue banking licenses. After that, instead of establishing a central bank, they started to operate a bank service that would enable online financial transactions.

The NUG Pay system, which started years ago, also has active users, and it is used by Myanmar expats rather than locals. Spring Development Bank, abbreviated as SPB, is expected to reveal details about how it can connect with international financial systems—in other words, online figures with actual cash and accounts—in the near future when it is introduced.