Volunteers from Project Help Burma hosted Annual Charity Fair



The proceeds of this campaign will go towards social and educational work inside Burma. This is the second time and a similar event was held last year.

It is known that about 10 social organization and donors sponsored the event and there were 19 Burmese Food Stalls there. The guest singer Mi Mi Win Pe and the guest author Dr.Khin Maung Nyo, with the new generation of youth and local art lovers entertained the audience with Burmese songs, music and dances.

The total of over US$ 7,000 was said to be received from this event.


News about the home in Rangoon, Burma for HIV/AIDS patients of NLD’s social assistance body led by Phu Phu Thin was also on display with the wall posters in the chamber. The separate donation of US$ 220 dollars was made to this show.


Volunteers from Citizen of Burma Award Organization – SF Chapter, a Burmese social charity group also opened prickled tea leaf and ginger salad shop as a charity sale.    

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