A political prisoner passed away in Moulmein prison.

Moemaka reporter (Yangon)

14 December 18, 2010

A political prisoner, Ashin Naymeindha (aka) U Myo Min (aka) U Nay Win, who participated in 9999 people uprising in 1999 and was serving 20 year sentence for code 5 (J) passed away on 8 December 2010 in Moulmein prison. Prior to his death, he had severe scabies all over his body and did not get enough medical treatments for these sores. It was learnt that his body was cremated on 9 December 2010, according to families who visited other political prisoners there.

Ashin Naymeindha (aka) U Myo Min (aka) U Nay Win is from Tangunedine village near Tarwa’s lock in Thanutpin Township, Pegu Division. His family and relatives had difficulties to visit him at prison.

He had suffered from diabetes, and severe scabies got by filthy and unhealthy condition in prison and lack of medical care  and ignorance of the prison authority caused his death.

Prison authorities and responsible staff had ignored his illness and refused to bring him to outside hospital or even refused to transfer him to Insein prison to get proper treatments while his fellow inmates looked after him on their own limited means.

There are 9 political prisoners in Moulmein prison. Each of them is in poor health and they have to care about their health on their own.