Good Deeds for the people by the people of the people – FFSS (Yangon) activities



2.     Burmese eye-patients will see the light again – With the generous donation from inside Burma and abroad to buy equipments and instruments for eye-operating room, an annex to Thukha Kuthophit clinic, the building project is becoming into reality. The Digital Slit Lamp (an equipment to examine optical nerve) was bought with the donation from first and leading donor U Win Htun and Daw Pauk Pauk (Theingi Shwewar Silk Store).

The ophthalmologists are now offering free examinations and treatments to the patients with this instrument. With additional donations received, FFSS (Yangon) will be able to have a standard eye-operating room, and to equip with all necessary instruments in it.


3.     Apart from free funeral service and medical care, FFSS (Yangon) has opened an education charity centre and taught those who are eager to learn. The fruitful and suitable books are also available for the new generation of youth from Thukha Alin library. Moreover, FFSS (Yangon) has run monthly social relation courses, and successfully managed to open its 6th training in 2010. All these social activities cannot be successful without the charity work, strong belief in social affairs and collective strength of new generation of youth and their active participation in doing community works.


 4.     Free Funeral Service Society (Yangon) has performed free burial or cremation for some 45-50 funerals everyday; Thukha Kuthophit clinic ( clinic for merit) has also given free medical treatments to about 200 patients daily. The generous donation from inside and outside Burma make FFSS(Yangon) capable of supporting for the people in social affairs. Therefore, we , FFSS( Yangon) would like to say “ well done”  “well done” “well done” in unison for all the deeds done by contributors from inside and outside Burma.