Myanmar Child Aid will focus more on Orphanage School


Although donors from inside and abroad had already contributed a monthly financial support of US$ 10 or more for each orphan from Nargis disaster for over 3 years, in recent year 2010, out of over 600 orphans, the donations are only at the rate of one out of five children.

Since 2009, Sayadaw U Dhamma Piya and leading volunteers, after consulting with respective guardians, managed to deliver some children who wished to continue their study at orphanage-homes with school. Similarly, Myanmar Child Aid itself had bought plots of land and laid down the foundation in order to operate a home for orphans (for both boys and girls) together with a post –elementary school in above mention ward, Mingalardone Township, Yangon.


Due to the limited contribution and unfavorable circumstances currently facing, Sayadaw U Dhamma Piya explained to Moemaka that the foundation will from now on give priority to operating orphanage-home with school based in Nwekhwe, and to look after the children who want to continue study there. Sayadaw added that they will keep on accepting and delivering financial support to the children from their respective willing donors or they can offer and advise program to such donors to do direct donation to these children.

The contributors donating Myanmar Child Aid via Moemaka will be able to continue their support as planned. Among these children, one young man has already passed the 10th grade with distinctions and he is now studying at Pathein Technical College.