Burmese Community in Buffalo from US expressed support NLD as a legitimate Burmese political party

 The Burmese households in Buffalo, who had to leave their homeland and were the victims of political oppression by the Burmese dictator, have been participating in activities regarding Burmese affairs and supporting pro-democracy movements in Burma as much as they can. They spoke to MoeMaKa that this event was organized to show their opinion on NLD’s status, and to counter slander, accusations, and campaigns made presently by Burmese government and its cronies on the legitimacy of NLD:

“We are, at present, helping as best we can. We have made necessary donations for care of HIV/AIDS patients looked after by Phu Phu Thin from NLD’s social assistance body and supported social work like “Thukha Charity Clinic” run by  FFSS (Yangon). To the best of our ability, we also help our political prisoner friends and their families, physically and mentally. We would like to urge all the people concerned to join hands in safeguarding the legitimacy of NLD and in carrying out Burmese affairs, said Maung Maung One, a resident from Buffalo.”