The military council’s airstrikes are becoming the most damaging

Myanmar Spring Chronicle – April 12 Scenes

MoeMaKa, April 13 2023

The military council’s airstrikes are becoming the most damaging

According to some news reports, more than 100 people were killed by aerial bombardment and airstrikes by the military council’s air force on a crowd of people in Pazigyi Village, Kanbalu Township, Sagaing Division, on April 11. Reports also stated that at least 60 to more than 100 people lost their lives and more than 100 were injured. After last year’s attack on A Nant Pa Village in Hpakant, which killed more than 60 people, this incident is an air strike by the military council against a crowd of more than hundreds of people.

It is becoming a common occurrence for military council troops to be attacked by landmines while traveling from one place to another on the ground. In Sagaing, except for the villages where there are militia formed by the Pyu Saw Htee members who support the military council, almost all villages and all roads have PDF forces or their alliances that jointly attack the military council troops, called the village’s defense forces, that are not full-time fighting forces, so it is becoming difficult for the military council troops to move from one place to another from the ground. Therefore, the military council is conducting more and more airstrikes and sudden air raids.

There have been incidents such as an air raid with a helicopter on Yin Paung Taing Village, an airstrike on a school opened in the monastery of Letyet Kone Village, and so on, just in Sagaing Division. Now, the attack on Pazigyi Village is the most damaging and fatal attack. There is also the possibility that incidents resulting in the deaths of hundreds of people due to airstrikes may also occur. It is necessary for the PDF forces to find a way to protect the security of their forces and village communities. In practice, to get anti-aircraft weapons, there is difficulty with financial problems, in purchasing weapons, and in technical skill. Therefore, in such a situation, it should take great care with ground activities and avoid crowded events such as ceremonies.

As members of the armed forces, they may already have a certain degree of knowledge about security from actual events and experiences. But ordinary civilians may not have security awareness. Therefore, the public should be warned and given instructions not to hold crowded events and ceremonies from now on..

Airstrike is still an advantage for the military council in the current situation, so we will need to move around to minimize damage and loss.

Such airstrikes may increase the pressure of the international community on the military council. It is estimated that actions such as blocking the importation of jet fuel, not selling weapons, etc., which are being mobilized by organizations organizing Myanmar issues, will not happen overnight.

The military council can purchase weapons from Russia, China, and some other intermediary countries. Regarding the importation of jet fuel, if it can be blocked, there is a possibility that they can use it since domestic civil aviation traffic is still functioning.

Now, the Pazigyi Village incident points out a situation where both the PDF and the ethnic armed groups have to be careful about the security of their bases and cities where many people live.

It is now necessary to calculate that the military council may carry out atrocities and attacks that have never been done before.