Diary In the Abyss (35) By Uncle Tu-me

Diary In the Abyss (35) By Uncle Tu-me

By Uncle Tu-me

Dear Diary,

This morning began with a phone call from my friend in Lashio, jolting me awake at 7 am. He regretfully informed me that his plan to fly to Yangon today had been dashed. The flights to Lashio had been abruptly canceled, thanks to the escalating conflict between the military junta and the revolutionary forces. His mother’s reluctance to leave Lashio only added to their predicament. Reports continue to pour in about confrontations along the Lashio-Mandalay highway. The Lashio Customs Gate and Chin Shwe Hao border gate now lie under the control of the revolutionary forces.

Travelers have also been sternly advised to avoid the Muse-Lashio Road and Lashio-Chin Shwe Ha Road. A former inmate friend speculated that the three revolutionary groups (TNLA, MNDAA, AA) might be planning simultaneous offensives against the junta, fueled by a green light from the Chinese government.

Just yesterday, the Kachin Revolutionary Army and PDF troops launched an assault on government camps in Kachin, while TNLA and the Arakan Army (AA) joined forces in their own offensive, successfully securing control.

A friend from Pyin Oo Lwin City reported this morning that they woke up to a relentless chorus of aircraft noises and fighting near Naung Cho City. He added that phone lines had become frustratingly unreliable, frequently dropping calls.

Last night, I sought refuge in the news before drifting off to sleep. Images of Gaza residents suffering due to the shortage of fuel flooded the screen. I couldn’t help but recall the menacing images of Israel’s threats against Gaza. I can’t help but wonder when our turn will come.

As I watched the news, two explosions shattered the calm of the night. It was abundantly clear that these were not the sounds of everyday life. This time, the deafening booms felt like a violent intrusion, rudely disrupting our fragile peace.

Yours truly, Uncle Tu-me 27/10/23