Dairy in the darkness (12) by Uncle Tu Mee


Dairy in the darkness (12) by Uncle Tu Mee

(MoeMaKa, Oct 14th, 2022)

People are interested in the firing of regime army and PDF troops at kyaite Htee Yoe Pagoda. The government reported that three civilian women were killed in the PDF shooting. On the social network news, a few soldiers were  killed . Many FB user said that the civilians were killed because the army opened fire in terror. No one recognizes government news. They do not believe it.

The next day, the army inspected the cars on Mawlamyine -Yangon road. It is known that the inspection took more than four hours. That’s why they have to spend the night on a day trip from Yangon to Mawlamyine. So the hotels on the road are busy. So some people started going by train. This is the time of travel in Myanmar, but there are fewer tours.

Photos of government troops destroying roads in Upper Myanmar are spreading on social media. People say that the government is running a hack and slash operation on PDFs.

Another surprising piece of news is the news that Yangon Airport is collecting entry fees. It is not known by whose order it was collected. There is no announcement on the government website. They charge fifty thousand each. They make publice on social media that if they bargain the price, you can get in for 30,000 Ks. They inform each other. 

Because of this action Yangon’s Mingaladon Airport has become the first international airport to charge an entrance fee.

People are excited about the news that the intelligence agency’s Ba Yin Naung interrogation center in Yangon was bombed last night. Civilians in the interrogation compound are no longer allowed to go outside. In fact, there are no strong men in the  battlefield, only women and  wounded soldiers, said those close to the army. The local news that Dr. Sasa said that the army has arrived in Yangon is still whispering among the families of the army.

The news that anti-aircraft guns are already in NUG and the army has arrived in Yangon are still difficult to say as the news that will determine the success of the revolution, but it is news that encourages the public.

The public is very disappointed with the military government. I am disgusted. The junta is working to protect themselves rather than protecting the public. They prioritize the benefit of their community over the public interest.

There are robberies on the streets every day. Crime is everywhere. They don’t protect anything. They themselves are oppressing the public in various ways. He who has a permit to kill. A person who has a license to steal . Dictator thieves steal more. The lower classes are also stealing from each other.

The vendor who came to sell bananas at home in the morning said, he couldn’t sell bananas for four days because a thief stole the bike he was using. He now rents the bike for running his job. So I don’t bargain for bananas anymore. Before the takeover, the price of bananas was 700 kyats. Now three thousand kyats. What can be done? I thought that if I could buy it, I would buy it.

The government itself is looting blatantly.

The question of whether to rebel against the government has entered people’s minds.

I’m sorry. Worse than this is poor health.

I’ve been feeling sick lately. When I went to the clinic, the doctor encouraged me. If the whole country is sick, it is natural that you are also sick.

I  get sick  again and again naturally.

Our lives, for the medicine that will eradicate the virus of military dictatorship, how much our blood  is needed?

Uncle Tu- Mee