Uncle Tu Mee – Diary in the Darkness (81)

Uncle Tu Mee – Diary in the Darkness (81)
(MoeMaKa) April 21 2024

20/4/24 – Diary in the Darkness

This morning’s news is that Thailand-Myanmar Bridge No. 2 has been captured by PDF and KNU. It is news that the soldiers of the military council have fled to the Thai side. The news comes after the military council gave Saw Chinthu an ultimatum to hand over his weapons yesterday.

Myawaddy is an important town for the revolution. It is a city that receives a lot of tax money for the Military Council. After this city was captured by the revolutionary forces, there will definitely be a series of negative consequences for the war council.

1. There will be a lot of tax money for the revolutionary forces.

2. NGOs based in Thailand will be allowed to settle in Myawady. Through that, we will be able to provide direct aid to the country.

3. We will be allowed to establish a liberated area for the NUG.

4. The liberated area will be allowed air defense.

5. Thailand will recognize NUG’s passport.

It’s as if the contents of the military council are being wheeled down. These are just as much as an ordinary person like me can think of right now. In reality, I think there will be more rapid and severe consequences for the military council.

Just watched last night. The military has closed the bridges connecting Hlaing Tharyar and Yangon. The airport was suddenly closed for a few hours. This incident is said to indicate that the military council troops are in disarray.

The military council troops from Arakan are still fleeing en masse towards Bengal.

Military council troops from Kachin fled to China. They are holding up the white flag.

In Chin State, the military council troops could not move.

In Karenni, the military council troops are killing each other.

The north is a military council-free area.

In Karen State, the military council troops who went to the reinforcements became manure on the Dona Hills. Military council troops from Myawady fled into Thailand.

In Nay Pyi Taw, the leaders of the military council used to stab each other in the back.

It’s almost the end. It’s dawn.

Uncle Tu Mee