Diary in the darkness (13) by Uncle Tu Mee


Diary in the darkness (13) by Uncle Tu Mee

(MoeMaKa) Oct 16, 2022

Nowadays, people travel by train because they are not sure about the safety of the road if they travel by car. Security is also broken on the train. At the stations on the way, vendors forced their way onto the train and sold their goods. They are led by local gangsters. The gangsters continue to collect fees from vendors. Sometimes the leading gangsters fight in front of the passengers. Some thieves steal things from passengers. You don’t speak out if you lose it. They have already paid the leader gangster, so no passenger dares to fight back. They are being quiet. The railway police and officials continue to take money from the gangsters, so they don’t crack down.

The big thug military dictators are giving birth to little thugs step by step and are oppressing the public. On the other hand, they are building temples and doing all kinds of things. Wunna Maung Lwin, the dictator’s former foreign minister, is worshiping at the Thousand Dragon Pagoda near Pyinmana. I scolded the government for being too useless. I was also angry with myself for not being able to bring down the useless government.

Uncle Tu-Mee