Diary in the Abyss (34) By Uncle Tu-me

Diary in the Abyss (34) By Uncle Tu-me

Dear Diary,

Last night, Yangon experienced an intense downpour, causing widespread flooding across the city. The steps of Shwedagon Pagoda turned into a makeshift waterfall, and many office workers who attempted to leave at 4 pm found themselves stranded. Buses moved sluggishly along the waterlogged main roads.

The junta has established armed groups within Yangon’s ward offices, some comprising five members while others include ten members, all under the jurisdiction of township administrators. Photos from the weapon handover event were widely shared on social media.

It seems that the regime is facing a shortage of police informers, so they’ve recruited ex-soldiers in their fifties to gather information, especially concerning underground (UG) news.

Last night, Min Aung Hlaing made a rare television appearance, and some keen observers noted that he appeared rather tense. Additionally, there were rumors swirling on social media about Putin’s well-being.

Dictators often grapple with retaining their grip on power as they resist sharing authority and fail to establish systematic power distribution. This issue isn’t unique to dictatorships and resonates with various organizations.

A highway driver reported that in Upper Myanmar, both the military, Pyu Saw Hti, and the PDFs are vying for control of road checkpoints, leading to fee collection, which has seemingly inflated their egos.

The surging prices of daily essentials, like Kankang leaves and soybeans, are causing housewives considerable frustration.

We’ve witnessed arrests of oil traders, and the government’s announcement regarding land reclamation in industrial zones has sent shockwaves among the cronies.

The public is grappling with the fear of potential bombings targeting the country, akin to the situation in Gaza. These widespread anxieties have fostered a prevailing sense of unease and uncertainty.

Yours, Uncle Tu-me 25/10/23