Diary in the darkness (11) by Uncle Tu Mee


Diary in the darkness (11) by Uncle Tu Mee

(MoeMaKa) Oct 11th 2022

In the street where I live, the neighborhood cooks and shares rice with mixed fruit soup. More than three hundred people came to pick it up. It’s good to eat. Street people, Not only the poor, but also the middle class and the common people come and take queues. It is a donation of Thedinnkyut festival work done by the neighborhood. I think the saying that people are getting poorer at the same time of crisis is right.

During these days, my computer crashed and I had to reinstall Windows. It took a lot of time because I had to try and reload it. Especially the font problem. Zawgyi Font, which we used a lot in the old days, is causing a lot of problems now. We are still suffering because former General Khin Nyunt banned the use of Myanmar keyboards internationally.. The Burmese military dictators cut off the Burmese people from the world and made them close their eyes and ears. It was blocked especially in education. Under Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the development of Myanmar Unicode characters has progressed. As a result, we are able to translate a variety of foreign languages, including ethnic languages, quite easily using Google translate. Burmese people were able to speed up the learning. After the coup, phone and internet usage is again threatened by the military dictatorship.

In this very two years, we will start to feel the negative effects.

The NUG government has announced a plan to overthrow the dictator within a year. The public is very excited. Some welcomed it with caution. Some are mocking the NUG. Among the mockers are those who claim to be pro-democracy. It is disappointing. I see the NUG’s plan to overthrow the dictator within a year as a plan that should be done as necessary step. To make this plan successful, where should we take part, how the common people participate? Answering the question of how to participate, I think we just need to join wherever we can. We are not smart enough to criticize the great NUG plan. I believe that the plan drawn up by the NUG will include the help of international pro-democracy supporters. That’s why I guess this plan is not bad.

These days, schools and shopping malls are crowded. In particular, Myanmar Plaza, which had been boycotted, is seeing a recovery of people. City people are starting to crowd at the supermarkets, but in central Burma, Rakhine State , the Karen states, the battle between the military regime  army and the local resistance guerrillas is intense.

The military-backed USDP party is also preparing for the military-led election. In particular, Min Aung Hlaing’s command-obeying person will surely be the leader of that party.

The businessman, my close friend, commented that whoever is the leader doesn’t matter, the bad party will be bad.

He also gave a strange idea for the dollar price to fall again. If we want the dollar price to fall, stop printing Burmese banknotes and then  order an American machine to print dollars in Myanmar by the military regime. Make announcement all over the country that Myanmar One Kyat be now set equal to US One dollar.

But he requested that not to tell Min Aung Hlaing that idea.

He is afraid that the guy, Minn Aung Hlaing might do what my friend has says.

Soon after his talks, the businessman off away from me.

Uncle Tu-mee