Myanmar Spring Chronicle – July 27 Scenes

MoeMaKa , July 28 2022

Bloody July 24 and waves of public reaction

After the execution of 88-Generation leader Ko Jimmy and Generation Wave leader Ko Zeyar Thaw by the Myanmar military, great rage of storm has risen not only in Myanmar but also in the whole World. For ordinary Myanmar people, they have to accept it while saying that it would not be true and it is impossible. The leaders of revolutionary organizations had to accept unwillingly that their spring heroes had given their lives and the main comment is that the military council itself had buried the way to find a political solution in dialogue. It also proves that the road map that ASEAN and China are talking, means nothing to the military council. The Western countries and the UN community only draw the conclusion that they must put pressure on the Chinese government to talk to Myanmar military. 

For the Myanmar people, they have to accept, though they do not want to accept such an ugly and brutal killing of their beloved heroes, and they have to think about how they will react or respond first. On that night of the 25th, the beating sounds of metal pots and pans, which had not been heard for a long time, emerged in Yangon’s neighborhoods. Along with Insein Prison, political prisoners and Spring Revolution prisoners rioted in some regional prisons. It is said that the crackdown happened because of prison riots. PDFs are increasing attacks and clashes with soldiers, Pyu Saw Htees and Dalans in those days.

Myanmar people from abroad gathered in nearby city halls, protested against the actions of the military council, and saluted and made mourning memorials for the 4 fallen heroes who were unjustly killed. The western and some Asians’ governments and parliamentarians of the concerned countries are further being requested and urged to increase sanctions against the Myanmar military council. For the four fallen heroes, Myanmar people usually do religious and social good deeds and charity work, but the related families of the victims are asking people to do more and more to help the revolution to end, rather than donation for them. 

The NUG government is calling for more funds to accelerate the revolution. They said to buy more NUG Bonds and EoD Shares, and it was announced that the contributions have increased by over 4 times, as more Treasury Bonds and shares are bought these days. The public also acted in their own opinion and perspective to defeat the military council by sending aid directly to PDF armed groups.

NUG government and revolutionary organizations issued joined statement on the grave issue. The main thing they say is that – they request international organizations and ally countries to punish and sanction the terrorist fascist military council that rejected the political method, and to speed up practical and effective support from all sides to all the people and forces that are participating in the revolution. The fact that the goal of the people’s revolution is to eradicate the fascist military dictatorship and build a federal democratic system is clearly a common goal of the revolutionary forces. This announcement is the toot sound of the final battle of the people’s revolution that will overthrow the fascist military dictatorship that the federal democratic forces are waging. 

In their joined statement, they also stated that with the active participation of the entire public, they declare that they make a vow with strong determination that they will use all possible means on all political, military, diplomacy and administrative fronts to revolt unitedly and relentlessly for the victory of the people’s revolution that will uproot the fascist military dictatorship as soon as possible. 

The Myanmar ISP, scholar research group, made an assessment simply and shortly like this – As ASEAN or ASEAN Plus countries, their roadmap laid  for their political mediation with Myanmar military is now at dead end. But for international community, the campaigns and movements to punish the Myanmar military council may become stronger, and some sanctions are likely to increase. However, total sanctions on Myanmar’s energy sector(MOGE), which is the main source of income for the military council, are unlikely. Domestically, there may be more attacks by urban UGs. Similarly, it is likely that there will be increased lawless group attacks from both side as revenge and retailation, and the rule of law will likely be more lacking. It could also be a special dilemma for the ethnic armed groups (EAOs) who are planning to meet again with the military council in the second round following the military council’s peace invitation. In any effort to resolve the Myanmar crisis, the fact that transitional justice is an unavoidable necessity, is becoming stronger and stronger.

They highlighted “transitional justice”, so it is interesting to see how they will introduce transitional justice during the interim period. From now on,  there’s a need to discuss and develop  victim-centered judgement, compensation, repayment and taking responsibility for anarchist assassinations during these times.

However, at present, variety of opinions on jutification of public could still be heard. In the protest and demonstrations, Myanmar public discussed how could more action be taken state-level sanctioning on the military council and their interests. The another question is whether the Myanmar community would be able to take direct action by public movement on relatives and close circles of Myanmar military and their cronies. 

Obvious examples are – military council’s blood circles, their bankers and cronies of social and business pillars to regime have many resources and assets and businesses running outside Myanmar and their connections are still living freely without being sanctioned. Although Myanmar people know them where they are in overseas, there hasn’t been any action taken yet. It would be interesting if public movements against Regime’s interest and assets emerged systematically similar to NUG’s EoD project. When Russia launched an invasive war on Ukraine, it was very effective for the Western states to seize and block the assets of Russian Oligarchs (rich monopoly manipulators), who are like Putin’s limbs.

After bloody July 24, Starting from grass-roots of the people to the top circle of revolutionary leaders,  the World is watching  on them whether rise of waves of action that could lead serious blow to the military dictator or not with renewed interest.